John Kurta


ohn was a lawyer by vocation, but his real love was the Upper Clearwater Valley where, beginning in the 1970, he and his family spent as much time as possible at their get-away cabin near Philip Creek. An ardent believer in the importance of outdoor education and a long-time member of the Friends of Wells Gray Park, John in his later years collaborated with TLC to establish a wildlife corridor in Upper Clearwater.

Both John and his wife Edwina Kurta were instrumental to the success of this project, donating and making available for sale the 140 acres of land it now occupies. In this way, John and Edwina also helped set the set the stage for Edgewood Wild, a project that John in particular would have supported with all his heart. You can read more about John Kurta and his wife Edwina Kurta here: xxx.