Wells Gray Scholars & Friends


laces need friends, and wild places need friends now more than ever. The Clearwater Valley – home to Wells Gray Provincial Park – is fortunate to have had many dedicated friends down the decades, some of whom were/are also accomplished researchers. This tradition of advocacy began in the early 1950s with Yorke Edwards and Ralph Ritcey and continues to the present day with Chance Breckenridge, Tay Briggs, Cathie Hickson and many others.

Taken together, these people have helped shape our understanding and appreciation of the natural values preserved in the Clearwater Valley. In special cases they have also helped to bring the valley to provincial, national, international and, not to be underrated, local prominence.

Above all, this roster celebrates people whose advocacy comes from a place of civic duty; with a few notable exceptions, it gives less prominence to people who have made contributions as paid government workers.

Cathie Hickson teaching at Helmcken Falls
Cathie Hickson teaching at Helmcken overlook