Doris Laner & Gord Jones

Doris Laner

Living and working at the entrance to Wells Gray Park allows me to draw upon endless sources of inspiration. Through personal involvement and intimate study, I strive to honour the elemental spirit inherent in all things. I hope to invite contemplation through a reverent and humble approach to my subjects.


o writes valley artist Doris Laner, who settled in Upper Clearwater in xxx. Since then, Doris has completed dozens of intimate paintings on valley themes that, taken together, well capture the mystique and wonder of the wilderness heart of the Clearwater Valley. In this time of needful reconciliation with the Living World, her work deserves wide acclaim. You can contact Doris by linking here.

Together with her partner Gord Jones, Doris also operates Clearwater Lake Tours and has, in this capacity also, helped to bring the Clearwater Valley to life for thousands of people down the years.

The Cairn by Doris Laner 2012 18x27" watercolour
The Span by Doris Laner 2000 18x24" watercolour
White Horse Bluff by Dois Laner 2002 30x22" watercolour
Discovery by Doris Laner 2007 22x30" watercolour
Spirit of Place by Doris Laner 2005 30x22" watercolour
Fall Colours by Doris Laner 2010 18x24" oil on canvas
Century by Doris Laner 2008 22x30" pastel
Alpine Rain by Doris Laner 2014 12x16" oil on canvas
Pyramid Bay by Doris Laner 2014 12x16" oil on canvas
Rock Roses by Doris Laner 2014 11x14" oil on canvas