Chance Breckenridge

Chance Breckenridge at Candle Creek Falls 2018

hance is a relative newcomer to the Clearwater Valley, having relocated here from Ohio in 2010. Yet since then he’s become the quintessential Wells Gray Park ambassador, each year posting hundreds of park images on his Facebook account, to the viewing pleasure of thousands.

Among Chance’s areas of special fascination are Wells Gray’s waterfalls, 40 of which he’s now visited – and shared splendid photos of – leaving only Sundt Falls and the elusive unnamed waterfall at Sarlacc’s Pit still on his bucket list.

Actually this way of putting the matter doesn’t do justice to Chance’s energy or vision. More than anyone ever before or probably ever again, Chance takes pains to document Wells Gray’s waterfalls in every season and mood, a gift to Wells Gray enthusiasts everywhere.

A bit of a history buff, Chance has also done more than anyone to bring to light an earlier time in the Clearwater Valley, when hunters and trappers maintained a network of perhap fifty (!) log cabins in what is now Wells Gray Park.

To sum up, Chance is to be roundly thanked for his ongoing efforts to bring Wells Gray Parking to life for a wide audience, both local and from away.

Trophy Mountain by Chance Breckenridge
Murtle Lake by Chance Breckenridge 2022
Murtle Lake File Creek area by Chance Breckenridge 2022
Spahats Falls in winter by Chance Breckenridge 2019
behind Helmcken Falls in winter by Chance Breckenridge 2019
Spahats Falls ice by Chance Breckenridge 2018
Helmcken Falls mist by Chance Breckenridge 2018
Murtle River by Chance Breckenridge
Mushbowl Falls by Chance Breckenridge