Cathie Hickson

Cathie Hickson at Helmcken Overlook


athie completed her PhD studies on the geologically young volcanism found in Wells Gray Provincial Park. The thesis completed in 1987 is titled “Quaternary volcanism in the Wells Gray-Clearwater area, east-central, British Columbia” and remains the seminal treatise on the last three million years of geological history in Wells Gray. Since completing her thesis, Hickson has gone on to establish an international reputation in volcanology as a Research Scientist with the Geological Survey of Canada. Author of over 150 peer reviewed papers, books, and chapters in books, she is also noted for her work in interpreting science for lay people.

A contributing author to Nature Wells Gray, published in 1989 and expanded in 1995, Hickson wrote the sections on the geology and geography of the park. In 2014, with assistance from Jason Hollinger, she went on to write a second book Wells Gray Rocks! specifically on the geology of the Clearwater Valley. These books are in addition to 30 other books and chapters in books. In addition to her written record, she has given hundreds of lectures, workshops and field trips for students, professionals and the public over her 40-plus year career.

Much of her public outreach work has focused on Wells Gray. In 2017, she and Trevor Goward prepared a submission to the Canadian committee to establish Wells Gray as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Unsuccessful in the first round, Hickson and Goward are prepared to re-submit the application at a later date. Eight of Cathie’s publications and notes incorporate fieldwork conducted in the Clearwater Valley:

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