Friends of Wells Gray Park


stablished in 1986, the Friends of Wells Gray Park is dedicated to promoting the wilderness values of Wells Gray Provincial Park as well as supporting educational opportunities for its visitors.

Over the years FOWGP has offered various educational programs, including Nature for Kids. During the 1990s, we built the popular loop trail from Bailey’s Chute to Marcus Falls as well as the loop trail at the Ray Farm. More recently, we helped finance some of the park’s interpretive signage and advocated for improved facilities at the Moul Falls trailhead.

Ray Farm by Trevor Goward in 1979

FOWGP disbanded in 2005, though many of us remained active in protecting the park’s values. In 2012, this continued advocacy led to the formation of the Wells Gray Action Committee, specifically to protest Canfor’s plans to log the western slopes of Trophy Mountain.

Then in 2017, the Action Committee registered as the Wells Gray Gateway Protection Society and joined with the Upper Clearwater Referral Group and others in preparing a formal Emergency Protection Order against logging in federally designated Critical Habitat for Caribou near Wells Gray Park.

Finally, in 2023, some years after CANFOR closed the doors to its local mill, we reclaimed our original name, Friends of Wells Gray Park, consistent with our concern for the park’s well being as a whole, and not only its southern entrance.

If you’d care to join us, please check out our website at