Edgewood Offerings

Common Raven by Russ on wikimedia

n this section, I present six workshops/events currently on offer here at Edgewood Blue. To get us started, here’s a summary of the broader objectives behind each of these offerings:

The Book of Edgewood helps us walk ourselves back from the socially constructed assumption that the Living World is, and can only ever be mere backdrop to the unfolding of human destiny – an assumption now increasingly challenged by a world calling attention to itself more stridently with each passing year.

Saving the Sister Trees is intended for those who yearn for active engagement in support of the Living World That Sustains Us.

Best of Friends is meant to suggest a way out of the human echo chamber and into the more-than-human world of our fellow creatures – a move prerequisite, or it seems to me, to any hope of eventual Gaian Reconciliation.

Gaian Reconciliation? is basically outreach to the proposition that the born naturalists among us – people stably endowed with the capacity to experience the Living World as present – must be encouraged to play a role in the upcoming global effort to chart more sustaining lifeways – a role already increasingly being played, in Canada anyhow, and Gaia be praised, by Indigenous Peoples.

Lichen Revival provides an opportunity for lichen aficionados to learn about, and help popularize the utility of lichens as an unsurpassed conceptual bridge between the Enlightenment understanding of life and the Enlivenment take now trying to be born.

Deertrails offers four-day intensives intended to build community among like-minded folk in search of meaningful relationship with the Living World That Sustains Us.

Finally, You Brew invites themes for intensives of your own suggestion and initiative, while at the same time providing details on setting up your own group visit to Edgewood Blue.

Be welcome.

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