The Garden, 22 May

Phlox adsurgens
Potentilla glaucophylla with Sidiritis syriaca
Geum triflorum var. ciliatum, seed-grown, blooming for the first time after many years of waiting.
Dicentra “King of Hearts”
Dryas drummondii
Oreomecon sp.
Antennaria parvifolia
Fritillaria affinis
Phlox diffusa subsp. longistylis
Senecio lugens
Valeriana supina
Lomatium utriculatum
Valeriana (Plectritis) congesta
Ozomelis stauropetala
Wild Amelanchier florida
Harvested for breakfast, crisp and sweet! Couldn’t be any fresher: less than 5 minutes from garden to stove top (poor things).

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