Photo essay for a winter’s day

I think in images. Images are quick, words are slow. Here’s a photo essay. I’ll try not to let words get in the way.

A thunderstorm grew over the valley on a warm day last week. I’d been enjoying some bare-torso time in the sunshine while chopping wood, but had to cover up as the storm front approached and the temperature dropped. Have we ever had lightning in February? And not just a little lightning. It was intense for over an hour…

…followed by graupel of the largest size

And then a blizzard with sideways snow and wind-thrown trees. Unfamiliar weather for us in this usually windless valley.

Venturing out.

The blizzard is gone and the world is transformed again. Everything got splattered with a wet and sticky variety of snow.

A snow disc, thrown by the tire of a passing car. There were many of these along the road.

Home again. Buki runs straight to her snow fort.

Only Buki can fit into the tunnels in her snow fort. I know she likes the exclusivity of it. She hoards sticks and frisbees in there.

The weather’s settled down. The walk is done. And now back to chopping wood.

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