Kabuki in the pink by Trevor Goward 2022

dgewood Blue is an intentional community consisting, for now, of two guys and a canine friend called Kabuki.

For more than two decades, Curtis and I have been walking ourselves back from certain western assumptions that nowadays, in these Pandoracenean times, seem to us well past their expiry date.

The way is long of course, and our ultimate goal – to chart a path toward personal reconciliation with the Living World – is even longer, perhaps too long.

Still, the question whether Gaian Reconciliation is personally achievable in this time is, for us, beside the point; the main thing is to try and, in the process, learn by going where we have to go.

Crucially, Curtis and I are both well aware of our privileged status as citizens of a wealthy country and, not less, our good fortune in having plenty of garden and other space at our disposal for the lifeways experiments that interest us. Nor does it escape our notice that few of our visitors are likely to be as fortunate in this regard.

In such a circumstance, it seems fitting that we should refrain from passing judgement on the life choices of others – even as we trust that others will accord us the reciprocal courtesy.

For are not we all sailors in these days, paddling uncharted waters the best we know how?

Next up: Edgewood Blue